Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recognition and Thank You's, MIA, Life Happens- a blogging medley

I have been away from home and the computer for a few days. My husband's cousin is moving and we stayed a couple of nights with him helping, hanging out, and checking out the amenity's at his new place. Indoor pool and steam room, HELLO! It was a nice break and now we will be taking another break for the Holiday tomorrow. 

I am still catching up on all of my reading. I did want to take a moment to thank LisaC at Loving and Parenting an Addict and Barbara who can now be found at Recovery Happens for the lovely Loyalty Awards! Two lovely awards from to wonderful women! If you haven't already done so, take a little trip over to their blogs for some wonderful and honest insight into their life journeys, parenting addicts, among other things. Thank you so much girls!!! 

I will pass these awards along after the Holidays, as I just passed along another award and I think people might be rather busy like I am at this time of year. 

I wanted to share some of the things I have been thinking about over the last few days and some of the new developments in my life. As we narrow in on our big adventure, the dreaminess of it all has started to fade some, and the realities of planning are now in force. We have started selling things in the house. We are in the middle of going through all of our clothes and getting rid of what we don't need (I am even taking the time to donate the usable ones!). I have let the landlord know we are moving out January 1st and we are figuring out if we will downsize to a 2 bedroom for 6 mos or will move in with Bryson's aunt to save money. 

Today we went and LOOKED at campers for the first time. I scour craigslist on a daily basis, but to actually go look at some, made it feel so REAL! His cousin gave us some of his camping gear that he uncovered in his move. I have been gathering boxes and organizing and condensing things around the house. It is all happening.  

Another of the big happenings is that I finally am going to finish my degree! It is just my Associates of General Studies, but I have been 5 classes away from graduating for over 5 years now. No one in my family has ever gone to college and the 3 semesters that I have completed were when I was widowed with small children. It is a huge life dream for me to continue my education. Finishing it before our trip will be such an accomplishment. It also means that when we settle down again (IF we do!) that I am ready to go into whatever coursework, for whatever field I finally choose, with NO MORE general studies!!! YAY!

Life has not all been gravy. There are several different people in the family that are coexisting with drama, addiction, unhealthy relationships, and shaky futures. I feel fortunate that we are not entwined in that web anymore, but it is still painful to be helpless onlookers. My emotions really run the board with empathy (I have been there), hope (anyone can change), fear (some people never do), and sadness (we cannot help anymore).

Part of me mourns the loss of connection with people, but realizing that the type of isolation we have chosen is healthy and comfortable for us, and has likely saved us from ourselves, brings solace. 

I am thankful for:

-opportunity and the ability within myself to create it

-freedom from fear

-the ability to forgive myself

-the wonderful people that grace me with their presence in life- cyber presence included!

I think all of those things can be applied to every little detail in some form. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I once went on a postive thinking seminar and one of the key strategies was to actually cut negative people out of your life, or at the very least cut contact with them down to a minimum.

    Although this sounds selfish and heartless, there are aspects of truth in it.

    Of course some people need our help and go through bad times. But there are some who won't change no matter how much intervention we give and all they will ever do is drag us down. And if we allow them, our lives becomes miserable too. Really, what's the point?

    If we have people in our lives that make us feel better about ourselves, rather than worse, our quality of life is considerably improved

  2. I am very thankful for you!

    Your adventure is getting closer and more real! Woo hoo!

    I can't tell you how impressed I am with you getting your degree. No one in my family had every done that and I always thought my son would be the one...I hope he is :)

    Talk to ya later sweetie.

  3. Being thankful for "freedom from fear" touched such a nerve in me when I read it. Thank you for this. Of course, my fear is that my son will not recover and will die from addiction; but tonight I have less fear and I realized it when I read your post.

    I am so excited for you and your family for your trip. It is an amazing and life altering adventure and I am most jealous (in a wonderful way) :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. It is fantastic that you are going to finish your education!
    I'll come to baby sit your kids if you need!


  5. So many healthy things in this post. So much wisdom. Time spent studying is never wasted. I like school because it has a certainty to it. Three classes=degree. Twenty more=higher degree. Good for you!

  6. I am excited for your adventure and thankful to be a part of your life.