Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm not in the right place to continue my last series of posts just yet. It is a genuine place of existence that deserves to be portrayed in my coherent reality of that time. Although I have healed, and my broken heart has been repaired, the feelings of visiting that broken heart cannot be endured on a continuous basis. Amazingly so, sharing the birth and death of two chapters in my life has opened me up to the possibility of adding another blog. One that is more for my raw and explicit feelings, often stirred from writing. I didn't think I could manage one blog.

I guess much like the mother who gives her all to her first child, pregnant with her second, and finds it incomprehensible that she can equally devote to another, I realize that I have more to say, and just like I grew a whole 'nother heart for each of my children, so shall come the inspiration for my other blog.

Look forward to a new addition (funny I mistyped that addiction the first time, ha!) as well as a continuation of my last post.



  1. you inspire me with your words and I know for a fact that we never forget but we grow and live..


  2. I look forward to everything about you. I understand the need for more than one blog!

  3. I want to read both of the blogs then.


  4. My own journey unfolds in so many ways that I never would have planned on. I am grateful for bloggers and blogging. We aren't alone.


  5. I find that all of the different pieces of myself take on different places & spaces to express and within that the puzzle is pieced together. Looking forward to another creative space with you!

  6. Loved the prior posts and looking forward to more!

  7. Sometimes rest is important. That's something I'm learning in my own recovery, to let it unfold in its own time. I look forward to the continuation of your story, when you are ready. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

    Thanks, too, for the link to your new blog. I'll be following. Hugs.

  8. The words and feelings will come together in time.