Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Some Blog Business

I have been doing some thinking today about this blog and about what should go here. I started this initially because I wanted to share my recovery from my addiction to meth and needed a place where I could be open and honest about my mistakes. My bipolar has always been a present theme because, well... because I am bipolar! I kind of fell into the community of parents of addicts and nestled in for a nice stay. Much like now, I felt in the middle because I was both an addict in recovery (from meth at that time), and a parent, so I could relate on different levels. Now there are two more levels because my son is stepping in the muddy waters of drug use and he has also been diagnosed bipolar I.

I have many different followers, from all walks of life, and here for many different reasons. Rather than try to send people in different compartmentalized directions by separating this blog into the many different areas of my life, I have decided to keep it the way it is.  The main issues still being addiction, recovery, and mental illness, but shadowed by events in my day to day life. I will keep my other blog, Acute Verbal Sabbatical going, and its purpose will be more for random thoughts, information sharing, or my sometimes much needed babbling and venting about my moods and my life. Feel free to follow both or to just stay put right here! I will keep My Sacred Insanity more focused on mine and my son's Bipolar and addiction and recovery issues. I must say, I hope I don't have to revisit addiction in Destin's life, but I know the hand he has been dealt and so I am prepared for anything, and most importantly I know I can find support here, so I think its important that I keep it the way it is.



  1. Hi Sweetness. I've had you on my mind so much lately. Sorry I have not communicated, but I hope you know you are always near my heart. I am SO sorry that Destin is smoking weed again. Its so confusing. I knew Keven was using when he was in high school and back then, it never occured to me that he would ever advance to heroin. I was relieved he chose weed over alcohol because his dad is a alcoholic. Silly me. YET, there are kids (90% of his friends) that smoked weed now and then and it never led to anything else. All those kids are at college or working and living "normal" lives.

    Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world and its getting harder for each generation because of all the new things to contend with!

    I'm here for you,

  2. Glad you are sticking to the current theme. I really enjoy reading your blog as I have all the same issues minus the children.

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