Saturday, March 31, 2012

My cup is empty

I am lost and empty. Why is my life always much more sad and empty than happy and full? What is missing? What can I do differently? 

I have been very very sick the last three weeks, but to be honest, I have not felt like myself in over 6 months. I keep doing the math, adding up the symptoms, trying to figure out if its depression, if its extended withdrawal from the pain pills, if I have some disorder completely unrelated to anything I already know of. What is WRONG with me? Where has my HAPPY gone? I don't look forward to anything other than sleeping. I know that I have replaced my other addictions with an over indulgence in sleep, but it is the only way I get any relief from the suffering I feel every day. I do not want pity. I am not feeling sorry for myself. I just want hardcore answers. I have had antibiotic resistant pneumonia and it has kept me in bed for about 3 weeks. I am sooooo weak. I cannot eat much and I have lost about 16 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I am trying ensure and gatoraid, but even those go down pretty rough. My house is a dirty NIGHTMARE. I want to cry when I get out of bed and look around. I never realized how much I was the glue that kept this house going. Now I am just the crazy glue that is stuck in bed all day.

I am scared of Dr.'s right now. I told Destin's social worker how they gave me dilaudid in the ER while I was on the suboxone and he said it could have killed me. I think it is pretty scary that they put people on medications and Dr.'s don't do their research and get familiar with what is new. I got so upset that I wanted to go off of all of my medications, but that had horrible results. I was so anxious over the last few days that I was ready to be committed to the psych hospital. I am not going to lie, ending my suffering through suicide crossed my mind more than once. It is sooooo unbearable when your mind is not working right and when it has unnatural thoughts that aren't real, but seem real at the time. I did not go back on the suboxone, but I did resume the depakote, buspar, and tegratol. I guess I need to go off of them slower. 

I had a Dr's appt. Thursday and I had a half hour long panic attack leading up to the appt., believing that if I left the house I was going to die. I made myself go because I hoped she could help me. She supports me being off of the suboxone and she wants to lower my other medications slowly. I have always hated the 3-6 week turnover for the results of psych medications, and still do. How the hell do they expect you to get through it? 

On a different note, Destin (who is now 14 if I forgot to mention it) is having some ups and downs. he messed up pretty bad a while ago. Him and a friend tried some coke and ended up trying to shoplift a pocket knife. He has some fines and a class to pay for, and it will be him that pays for it. He has been in the day treatment program since January and for the first time that I can remember, all of his grades are C and above. He got A's in gym and life skills!!! All of his ua's have been clean for over a month and he earns a $40 gift card for every clean ua. (5 a week) He will be trading those to me for fine money to cover his shoplifting and warrant.

I did not expect my life to be where and how it is right now. This is by far the hardest trial I have ever ever been through. Bryson has been out of work since Jan. 10th and Medicaid still hasn't come through! He needs surgery to get back to work and we are hurting for money and food so bad. It costs almost $200 a mos just for Bryson to see the Dr. and get his meds for his back. The kids are not understanding that there just ISN'T ANY MONEY. 

Today I am thankful that despite mine and Bryson's illness and pain, we have 3 healthy children. I am thankful for the sun and that I have been out of bed a little longer every day. I am thankful that I have not given up in spite of hoe painful life has become. I am also thankful that my grandpa has come to see me in my dreams almost every night. It feels like I get a second chance to see him and it means so much.



  1. Wow! I wish I even had some hardcore answers for you... Or even just one.
    The house stuff can be dealt with once your pnuemonia has cleared. You have to rest with that, which is possibly why your body wants/needs so much sleep. It will be do-able when you're physically better.
    But the panic attacks/fears/anxieties, I don't know what's best for you. Some folk are better off with meds and some without. You have so many things going on with family/money/illness/depression and meds, I'm not surprised you feel over-whelmed.
    It's good that you can still see the good stuff and remain grateful through these trials. I hope there is someone there for you. Take good care. Love, hugs n prayers x

  2. It sounds like depression to me. I know of it all too well. Please see a doctor. xxoo

  3. Hello, friend. I began reading your blog because you are familiar to me. Addictions, crazy, life getting out of hand...yeah, I've been there or am in the middle of being there. I agree with Christine on the depression thing. Sleeping is by FAR my favorite escape, and when the depression gets ahold again, isolating and sleeping are my "go-to"s. After being sick & in bed for so long, plus the reduced O2 for so long, it would be odd if you weren't completely wiped out and having so many mental issues. I was injured and kind of house-bound for several months a few years ago and it liked to have killed me. I know it would have been much easier to have just died. But I also have beautiful children who have inspired me to carry on when nothing else in the world could have done so.
    Please check in again when you can. Hugs~

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