Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scary trip to the Emergency Department.

Last night I was taken to the Emergency Room by ambulance. I do not know what happened and neither do they. Lovely. I was suddenly struck with the most intense pain in my upper stomach. I was immediately doubled over, screaming and crying. They got here in minutes, but it felt like hours. The bumpy ride to the hospital was torturous as well.What a spectacle to be put into an ambulance screaming in front of your house.

They tried several different types of pain medications with only brief buffering of the pain. Then I got an antacid/numbing "cocktail" that only made me freak out cause I couldn't feel myself swallowing. Morphine was next and it helped about 25%, but brought with it nausea and vomiting. Then came anti nausea medications.

A CT scan showed up nothing. (the half gallon of liquid I had to drink for it really made my stomach pain bad) Blood tests showed up nothing. I asked them for the one test that has worked many years ago when I had hernias from my gastric bypass. This was also the only similar pain I have ever had to what I was experiencing last night. They said that it is not an emergency procedure they provide. WTF. I know this hospital is not exactly gastric bypass knowledgeable, but I had no choice in going there. I have no insurance and so I  could not possibly ask to be transferred to the hospital where my surgeon is, where I could get the test I needed.

Finally they gave me sleeping medicine and dilaudid.  My pulse ox showed I was having problems with not breathing so they did a sleep study. Because of all the meds I do not remember what I was told while being discharged.  Bryson's little sister came and got me. Somewhere along the way I lost my shirt and had to come home in my pants and hospital gown and it was like 5 below zero last night.

Now I am sick and nauseated and all they did was give me meds to treat the symptoms. pain meds and anti nausea meds. Thanks for costing me thousands and thousands of dollars and refusing to do the one test that could have helped. Now I REALLY feel nauseated.


  1. I hope you're feeling better. -hugs- That is exactly why I detest going to the hospital. All bad memories for me.

  2. I really Hope you feel better soon. And I hope you get the problem fixed. Poor thing. I hate being in pain. I feel for you!

  3. gosh sweetie, i really hate that you are suffering. i hope you find what is wrong and that it is not anything serious. i hope for a quick recovery for you. how terrifying this ordeal must be, i hope you are not in fear of what this may or may not be. you need some serenity.

  4. Aww hon. I'm so sorry you're going through this!
    I hate the "just treat the symptoms" approach. And it is sad but true, that when people like us don't have insurance, we get pushed out the door even faster.
    Saying a prayer for you! I hope you're feeling better real soon!
    (((hugs))) Take care of yourself.

  5. Wow - this is concerning - are you feeling better?

    I hope you call your surgeon's office and see if they can recommend someone that you can see - Actually, If you don't already have them, I strongly suggest dropping in and getting copies of the medical records related to your bypass and your hernias... before the holidays... having at least that information to show can go a long way in an ER situation.


  6. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to read this. How scarey and how rediculous that they wouldn't listen to you. I hope and pray that you get to the bottom of what is causing such pain. Pain like that is horrible enough without having to deal with unnecessary tests and being sent home like that. XX

  7. Thank You all for your kind words and concern. I am doing much better than when the acute pain came on. Waiting to hear back from the surgeon. One day at a time.

  8. How scary! Have you tried giving the ER a call to figure what the diagnosis was. I'm sure it wouldnt be the first time they received a call from someone who didnt recall based on all the meds! Get well!