Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP regret

I cannot define you here and you are not worth the words that are hurting me and lacking me RIGHT NOW.  I have decided to leave you behind and choose forgiveness and growth. I need serenity! "I believe"


  1. First, thank you for your comment. You are a deep and articulate lady.

    When I read these last two posts, I hear "real" recovery. The inside job most addicts resist for a long time. It is hard, often painful. Even on the so called recovery blogs, I will read the emotional addiction is still there, long after the physical addiction ends.
    I have much respect for your growth, what you have overcome, and who you are today.

  2. "I believe" is so incredibly powerful, in so many different ways.
    May God grant you the Serenity...

  3. Serenity... *sighs*

    and we have to believe, right?

  4. I agree, you need serenity to grow, and the only person you can really depend on in this life is yourself.
    Spread your wings and soar high, you can leave the past where it the past!
    Believe in yourself.
    Many blessings.

  5. I like Lou's comment to you, its so true!

    Thinking of you always...