Sunday, February 28, 2010

So maybe alone I stand...

I am still here. Darkness encompasses me. I welcome the privilege of feeling. Once upon a time: was not a story. It was the beginning. Open to interpretation. Numb-ale. That which can be numbed. I choose feeling. Hard, hurt, dark, mad , undesirable. OPEN TO INTERPRATATION. Triumph, healed, light, happy, desireable.... Here I am....



  1. "I am still here."

    Me too.

    Awesome, huh?

    You know how to reach me if sometimes you feel you need to know you're not alone.


  2. I'm always here...running around in circles trying to find a way out too!
    Big Hugs!

  3. I am starting some seedlings today. Spring is around the corner even though my mood will say otherwise. Hugs.


  4. Every day we are still here is a good day. But the days we want to be here are even better. I hope that day is around the corner. You are loved.

  5. Antidepressants do not make people high. They help millions cope with depression. I hope you will look into this with a Dr. Please do not confuse street drugs with antidepressants.

  6. It's ok to choose reality.
    You've seen both sides.
    you chose living and motherhood.
    Good choices.
    Make your own decisions.
    Be open-minded, you need to be healthy mind and body.

    You're in my prayers.


  7. Sometimes feelings hurt. Sometimes reality sucks. I hope you find support (wherever that may be) for this difficult time. You're in my thoughts.

  8. I'm thinking of you today. I care.

  9. I'm still here too. And doing amazingly well lately. I hope that things will get easier along your journey.