Friday, September 4, 2009

so they say....

You know I have been afraid for a long long time. "THEY" say the truth shall set you free, and although I believe, that when I tell myself the truth, it works wonders.... I still have this certain amount of societal doubt. This crazy burden of "should of" which leads to "could of" leads to me falling so easily back into worrying about what people think.... thing is it doesn't change me... it just makes me cautious to be me openly. I am blessed, if you will, with the unmaterialistic life of a person who has seen many a life changing times and experiences and love and loss and triumphs as well as failures and I have found the REAL people that love me for me. I am deciding that today is my day to take that extra step forward to open up and be me to the whole world... the people that judge, that don't forgive, that don't understand. Maybe my truth can help, can heal, or will just set me free... free free at last

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