Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Days of Truth- Day 02 - Something you love about yourself.

My determination and strength.

If I make up my mind that something is going to happen, then watch out! Do I change my mind a lot? YES! but I always do so after a lot of thought and consideration. There is always an amazing amount of determination to all of my intentions.... whether I intend to procrastinate or intend to transform a whole room, if I intend to make a change or if I demand that I want something to stay the same.

I find myself to be very strong when I come up against the situations I fear the most. I actually work best and accomplish the most when provoked by stress. The downfall is that I am not very content when things stand still and I get mistaken for liking drama, when in fact it makes me crazy. I think being bipolar actually causes me to have a sensitive fight or flight mechanism.

I consider myself to be very strong because I wake up everyday and face, what can be, a debilitating mental illness. I chose the life of parenting, despite all of the challenges I brought to the table, and I have overcome so many challenges and losses in my life, but when I think there is nothing left to give, I find a way.


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