Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 12 - Something you never get compliments on.

Something that I never get compliments on is having cute clothes.

When I was really fat, I had a very very large wardrobe, no pun intended. I was the same size for many years - a 28 in womens, which was the largest size you could get in stores. I might also mention that the 28s at Walmart and Target run small, and I could only fit in the clothes at Lane Bryant or Torrid. ANYWAY, for several of those years I had no children and lived at home, so it was really easy to spend money on myself. I also had a super-wonderful-awesome-grandpa that took me shopping all the time and I always got gift cards for clothes for my birthday and Christmas.

When I was 19, I got a job at Lane Bryant. They gave you an initial allowance of like $500 to get a work wardrobe.  Plus, getting a huge discount, I really stocked up- and since it was a requirement that I wear their clothes while on the job, I had a good reason to buy clothes. I found out I was pregnant not long after starting, and since I was high risk, I couldn't work anymore.

I started working at Ulta and going to school after being a stay at home mom for 2 and a half years. I made an awesome friend/shopping/lunch buddy at school and whenever I got paid, or got funding from my student loans, I always treated myself to some clothes.

Then I had my gastric bypass surgery and lost weight very quickly. I couldn't keep up with buying clothes for my dropping sizes, and I had no choice but to part with my big beautiful clothes. It was so bittersweet, because I had some damn sexy and cute clothes for a fat girl!

My weight went waaaay down then came back up, then stopped for a while, then back up, and now slowly going down. I just cannot afford treating myself to the expensive cute clothes that I want. I am still plus sized right now, and I am soooo very tall, that I have a hard time finding pants without paying full price at mall stores. I settle for finding what I can at thrift stores, taking hand me downs from my hubby to lounge around in, and every once in a great while I get something from Burlington. It is always hit or miss at that store and they usually have nothing when I have a little money, and they have cute stuff that I want so bad when I am broke. Figures. LOL

Being a stay at home mom of three just doesn't afford the luxury of a great wardrobe right now. Maybe since I am going back to school and getting financial aid again.... and I even qualify for work study (YAY YAY YAY), I can make it a point to get some clothes for myself every time I get funded? We will see.

So that was a pretty long boring post, that I had to drag out of myself, but hey, it is writing and I am sticking to my 30 day challenge- so GO ME!!!



  1. There are a lot of bloggers on here who will happily trade in/exchange clothes from all different shapes and sizes. If you write a blog explaining how you're at an impossible stage where it seems nothing is right, and could really use some support, I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

  2. Thank the Good Lord Above for refunds!

  3. This was fun to read! I'm a Lane Byrant/Avenue/Kohl's shopper, also plus size. Its depressing. I have several sizes in my closet right now and most are too small.

    I hope you can get your wardrobe back to sexy and cute soon :)

  4. Good for you to work on staying at a healthy weight for your height.